Magic defeats Wall Street

Yeah sure, if the financial world falls then the jobs disappear, we lose our chance at having money and consequently freedom but… but, did anyone else feel their heart rejoice at least a tad that the all-knowing money changers bit the dust? Goddammit, the part of us that feels has been copping defeat after defeat at the hands of those people who don’t feel; my mate who analyses things mathematically has beaten me (Johnny Go-with-your-heart) in so many bets that I may as well just bend over for him at this point, but as it turns out, ALL YOU BUSINESS FLUNKIES WERE NOT CORRECT JUST BECAUSE YOU HAD ALL THE MONEY. You are as fallible in your theories as the rest of us.

You fucked South America and Africa in the 90s with your neoliberal, privatisation theories (NB: I hate -isms!); they turned out to be wrong. And yet your social conservatism, which was supposed to be the safe option, has brought the U.S. Republic plummeting and fast-tracked China’s ascent to glory.

Would the world be any worse a place if we all just wore grass skirts, rode bicycles and lived on riverbanks? But then if we were so simplistic I would kiss goodbye to writing and trips to South America, which are the things that make me happy.


2 thoughts on “Magic defeats Wall Street

  1. I actually got a bit of joy out of it too, I couldn’t help it. I know people are going to be suffering and all of that, but too bad you greedy bankers! I’m also kind of looking forward to seeing how this is going to affect the world, big changes could be good, even if they don’t seem so initially.

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