Why then, O brawling love?

Movie moments… in no particular order, except for my number one. They are, as I try to be, understated; saying just enough, or falling just a tad short of doing so.


Jenna: I have a big crush on this red she-dog from Nome, Alaska who made a name for herself in the kids flick Balto. Jenna and Balto were the true, pure characters amid the gossipy and occasionally vindictive other dogs, and it was destined that they end up together despite what could laughingly be called class prejudice (it’s a kid’s film about dogs for God’s sake): Balto is a half-wolf, a mutt.

When she goes out into the wild to help Balto and his entourage on his quest and lays her body over his to warm him after Balto had fallen into the ice it seemed so natural that it just warmed my heart, it was the perfect moment. If only love really could exist without sexual matters as in a kid’s film, I sometimes wonder. Does sex complicate our lives unnecessarily, distracting us from finding the truth? Or does sex enhance living, is it the icing on the cake of finding our Jenna?


“I hope”: The end of The Shawshank Redemption. A light at the end of a movie of darkness (well, darkness for mainstream audiences). Years and years being brutalised and losing freedom, music, hope – for hope is a dangerous thing, and has no place within these walls – there is the sea, there are the friends finally reunited outside the walls, there is hope. Ah Morgan Freeman, if you narrated bar mitzvahs I would turn my kid Jewish for you.


I thought you were very brave: The Lion King. Muphasa rescues Simba and Nala from the elephant’s graveyard and then scolds a contrite Simba, who slinks away with young Nala’s conciliatory words: “I thought you were very brave.” And then above leaning forward on the rock: Scar looks over the scene, perched in impotent fury that his best-laid plan had come to nothing, all because his hated brother Muphasa had come up trumps yet again. What a mood.  It’s building up to something else, surely. Like the death of the King! (“What, is he sick?”)


The greatest scene from a movie ever (to me)…

Introducing Romeo: “Why then, O brawling love?” muses a sloppily besuited and besotted Leonardo DiCaprio one morning at the beach, as he smokes a ciggie (as much as it’s not a great idea to admit this to the kids: smoking in movies always looks cool) and writes a few lines down. The opening chords of a bass guitar set the scene. He jumps up suddenly and peers: is someone watching me? And he walks away, lost in love, and love is lost (hehe). The whole scene oozes coolness and made me want to, at minimum, buy a suit jacket to wear in casual situations.

10 thoughts on “Why then, O brawling love?

  1. I’ve never seen Balto, but I love the same part in the Lion King. Although the movie always destroys me when the dad dies.. I always wonder how they think kids can handle that kind of stuff. It even had my dad teary, when he watched it.

  2. Balto is beauuuuuuuutiful! (And short, lol, 70 minutes. I have this Generation.com attention span even though I maybe came a few years before them. I blame going to school on the trains, it just made spacing out a too regular part of my routine and now I can’t stop it.)

    I think we all have our Lion King memories, it’s like the Lord of the Rings, as in there was just no getting around it while it was there. Not that you would want to avoid Lord of the Rings.

    Did you like Romeo and Juliet?

  3. How about in the Shining when the twins first flash on screen? I pooped my panties the first time I saw that.

    But as for “beautiful” moments… the scene from Into the Wild where the old man asks to adopt Alex, and the fact that that happened in real life.

  4. Well, it’s by no means a comprehensive list (boo, I’m backtracking, weak, weeeeeeak!). I haven’t seen a huge amount of movies in my time, these were just ones I was thinking of.

    I’ll have to have a look at Into the Wild. As for The Shining, mmm I’m not sure when I’ll be up for it. I’ve seen too many goddamn kids movies, I’m a soft little wimp.

  5. Read the Shining first, its way scarier as a book in my opinion! I do like R&J heaps, I watch it whenever its on, but its so tragic that it depresses me too. They’re not happy for long enough to satisfy me.

  6. DON’T read Into the Wild before you see the movie. Don’t read anything about it, don’t even ask anyone about it, and if you hear people discussing it slap them over the head until they stop! See it first, trust me.

    I’ve never read the Shining Luli… should I? One of my favourite movies.

  7. Definitely read it, its one of my fav Stephen King books. And I think you get more out of the story because theres a lot of stuff thats going through his head that can’t be articulated through film.

  8. MADNESS!! I love that you bought it. Don’t bother reading those little tales on the sides of the pages, they were put there by the publisher, not by Robert Greene (I believe) and will only exponentially increase reading time. Think of them as interesting thoughts if you ever wish to turn back to any topics in the future – after you have read the book.

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