On how it is

We only have so many credits in the eyes of other people, and each time we complain about something we lose a few. It’s best to save our arguments for things that really matter to us, because then people say: “Oh, he/she never complains, so if he’s complaining now something must really be fucked up.” Otherwise it’s: “Oh, he/she always complains” and argument instantly dismissed, no matter how insightful it may be. Some things just make us angry – sometimes it’s legitimate anger over an issue, or sometimes it is latent anger that comes from an indirect association. Some things have to be fought for. And some things we think we have to fight for but then we realise afterwards: no it didn’t, I should have saved that credit and preserved that relationship a bit better.

There are so many problems and so many people out there who have opinions, yet are neither in a position to solve them or lack the innate ability to perform correctly when they have the moment. All the rest of us have are words, cheap words that will change tomorrow. Some say it’s all about keeping up the fight. But the fight against what? The cluelessness of the human race? The hatred of those who keep the old in place? And then you wonder so many things, about collective inability to let go of hurt, about collective hatred, about collective inability. Should we keep caring if nothing seems to change? Should we fight, and argue, clog up the atmosphere with yet more negative vibes, or should we simply try to create something new, put new beauty out there where there was none, and hope that it helps someone? Do we help someone if there are no signs of it? And even, do opinions really matter? Is it worth thinking someone is a fool simply because he wanted Barcelona to win the Champions League Final and I wanted Arsenal? Or that he’s a fool for some other irrelevant matter of belief, like the opinion of a particular politician, or of a particular practice? No, of course it’s not worth it, and yet it happens, it’s instinctive. They want to help, those others want to help in a different way, and yet both sets end up hating each other.

What’s going on, man?


MEDIA What’s going on? We went to war in Iraq against the wishes of the entire nation and the media doesn’t say a word about it? And why do I have to hear about Lara goddamn Bingle every day of my life? The media ditched the truth a long time ago in favour of cheap shit, yet does that mean that everyone likes cheap shit, titillation, vacuousness, celebrity? It must, it must. The Herald Sun goes from strength to strength while all the other newspapers go under, what’s going on? The stars of some TV show get twenty minutes’ coverage while a ship that goes down off the coast of Senegal taking 900 lives with it gets one line? What the fuck are our priorities, as a society? What even is the point of the media anymore?

POLITICS We voted Rudd in to change to better energy and he didn’t do it. And what’s the alternative? The old crew made executive decisions based on the fact that the opinions of one hundred are more important than the opinions of twenty million. And why can 51% tell 49% exactly what to do? Don’t hold your breath for someone to shake it up, we thought Rudd would be that guy, remember? Barack Obamas come along once every two hundred years.

AUSTRALIA Thanks for the money, Australia, I appreciate your funding of my studies and unemployed moments, but what are we doing? Have we lost an identity, did we ever have an identity, or is it just about who’s got what, who’s got that job, who’s got that street cred? Has the excessive money and distance from everyone else blinded us? Do we give a shit about anyone except our families? We make announcements talking about what great blokes we are for giving a shit about our kids. Guess what? So does every other father on Earth, it’s instinct. Is there a country of people who do more than simply big-note themselves and their mates?

SPORT We celebrate the fact that one team has all the ability and therefore always wins, and we call them ‘great’. Oh me oh my. Speculation and reputation becomes more important than actual results, in the sporting sphere and in business, and in daily life. When the little guy wins it gets forgotten, when the big guy loses it gets forgotten pretty quickly too in favour of the next uneven ritual slaughter. Remember Jean Paul Duminy? Which one was he again? Real Madrid is in crisis unless it wins every game. Of course they have to win every game, they own three-quarters of Spain. Where’s the perspective?

Unless we make tomorrow matter as much as today we’re gone. What else, Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl so for once I’m on the winning side, if you don’t count me being born as a white male and all that jazz. And I saw Wodonga for the first time and went swimming for $3. Coooooooool!

2 thoughts on “On how it is

  1. People who matter will always take your arguments into consideration without any preservation tactics necessary. Its always worth speaking up, because if its right in your opinion, then isn’t your silence just perpetuating the circumstances?

    Rudd needs to do something of substance.. Its all promises and bullshit. I want renewable energies and more housing for refugees and homeless! I’ve always had a problem with the 51% thing, its fkd up. If half the country don’t want you, how is it right for you to rule? Thats a huge minority on your hands..

  2. Very good point on silence vs. speaking up.

    I never really thought about 51% vs. 49% until the anti-gay marriage bill got passed in California, that seemed realy unfair to a bunch of people just minding their own business.

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