My favourite posts

The Decline, April 2019. The B-52s ant colony confronts 21st-Century scarcity.

Amy Winehouse and me, September 2017. Life is messy and uncontrollable.

I’m afraid of dying without fulfilling my mission, July 2017. Self-explanatory.

The blues of busking, July 2013.

Paraguay, Hijo de Hombre, January 2009 and On the night the dream died, August 2011. Paraguay, Paraguay, Paraguay.

Happiness found in Portugal, September 2010. A sunny contrast.

Kick out the jams, motherfuckers! Life in Wodonga, July 2009. This title and the blog title Love is lost itself are a salute to Jeff Thiessen of Saskatoon, Canada, a great writer.

Ana Cecilia, or kind things people have said to me, April 2009.

2004, the lost year in America.

Stream of consciousness, January 2009. Will I ever be this sincere again?

Santa Claus’ Tribulation (3 parts). My story about an angsty Santa Claus.

Langu, December 2008. Not all love is lost.

Why then, O brawling love? December 2008. Why indeed?

My interview with Contiki, November 2008. How not to get a job.

Lauryn Hill and me, November 2008. Broken-hearted genius is as broken-hearted genius does.

About the human body, November 2008.

Friday, October 2008. That month might have been rock bottom, but at least I started a blog out of it.

Peru, May 2006. “I would have liked for her to be more than just a memory.”