My favourite posts

Amy Winehouse and me, September 2017. Life is messy and uncontrollable.

The blues of busking, July 2013.

Paraguay, Hijo de Hombre, January 2009 and On the night the dream died, August 2011. Paraguay, Paraguay, Paraguay.

Happiness found in Portugal, September 2010. A sunny contrast.

Kick out the jams, motherfuckers! Life in Wodonga, July 2009. This title and the blog title Love is lost itself are a salute to Jeff Thiessen of Saskatoon, Canada, a great writer.

Ana Cecilia, or kind things people have said to me, April 2009.

2004, the lost year in America.

Stream of consciousness, January 2009. Will I ever be this sincere again?

Santa Claus’ Tribulation (3 parts). My story about an angsty Santa Claus.

Langu, December 2008. Not all love is lost.

Why then, O brawling love? December 2008. Why indeed?

My interview with Contiki, November 2008. How not to get a job.

Lauryn Hill and me, November 2008. Broken-hearted genius is as broken-hearted genius does.

About the human body, November 2008.

Friday, October 2008. That month might have been rock bottom, but at least I started a blog out of it.